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Welcome to The RAK’s Sphere

the world only exists in your eyes. you can make it as big or as small as you want.

Fitzgerald F. Scott




Photography has been a great part of my life every since my childhood. Freezing precious moments and preserving them throughout life always fascinated me. The first ever picture I took was of a sunset while…

voyage diaries

Traveling has been something that I’ve always been passionate about, exploring new cities, food, culture, lifestyles and more are some things that makes me enthusiastic. Filled up with experiences of new cities, adventures, photographs, memories, and reviews, explore the series of Voyage Diaries.

life of an architecture student

Sleepless nights, three cups of coffee per day, room filled with sheets of drafting, different scales and pencils, deadlines, handful of stationery, describing an architecture student’s life in one word is impossible.