Helping the ones with mental illness

Hey guys,

I was scrolling through my Instagram feed one day and I came across a post by a public figure talking about his struggle with anxiety and depression. Following the hashtags of that post, I found many other posts and stories of people who face mental health disorders in day-to-day life. There are the ones who conquered their difficulties and survived brilliantly, and also the ones who gave up too soon before even trying.

Mental disorders are real. They affect your mood, thinking and behavior. Especially in the time of teenage, young adulthood and early adulthood, is when these disorders are diagnosed among the people. The most common mental illnesses are depression, anxiety, and maniac depression (commonly known as bipolar disorder).

Being a person going through anxiety disorder myself, it hasn’t been always easy for me to deal with things sometimes. One of the things I do to deal with it is by helping others who are going through mental illnesses. I have came across many people in my life going through very hard time in their lives and didn’t have someone to talk to, also a few who almost gave up. I took out time in my life to be a helping hand for them.

But now, I want to reach out to more people. I want to start up a platform to help people going through mental illness. I still haven’t decided how to start or what exactly to be done, right now I just have a few rough ideas.

I want you guys to share any ways or ideas to help the people facing mental illnesses. So drop down your ideas in the comments below or mail it to me (

Any one of you reading this going through a hard time in your life and if you need help, feel absolutely free to get in touch with me through any Instagram, twitter or drop a mail ( to me. (You can connect with me anonymously too).

Take care and have a great weekend guys.

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See You Again,



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