Voyage Diaries: Fort Kochi, Kerala, India (pt.1)

Late last year, around the month of November, I went on a vacation and visited some parts of the south of India that I haven’t been to before. To be honest, South India has one of the most beautiful landscapes, architecture, and scenery.

After a few days of arrival in Kerala, the first place I went out for a visit was Fort Kochi. It was near to where I stayed, so we (along with some of my family) began to explore the city a bit. We started with a little drive around the city and the main parts of Fort Kochi.

Day 1: Kerala

Location: Fort Kochi, Kerala, India

Weather: Chill and breezy

Rating: 4/5

Experience: I’ve been to a lot of beaches, it’s almost the same, there’s water, blue sky, sun, sand, people etc. But if you take a deeper look into it, everything is always different. The sand; it’s color and texture, the air; it’s speed and temperature, the water; it’s waves, the sound it makes, even the color. Due to these diminutive factors, the feel and the experience is completely different.

I went to this beach around the time of sunset, and you know that anything around the time of sunset looks aesthetic. Before the the sunset I took a few pictures and after it, when the whole land turned dark, I just sat along ledge of the pier for about half an hour just breathing the fresh clean air reminiscing (like how people usually do when they go to the beach) just starring at the strong waves and enjoying the sound it produced. In conclusion, I had a great healing time!

And also after the massive floods that hit Kerala almost two years back, the whole place was sort of destructed and not super clean too.

Best Time To Visit: Mid-November

The weather of Kerala was slightly unpredictable around last year (I’m assuming; maybe because of the floods). But the time I went was the perfect time to be honest, it was supposed to be pouring, but luckily enough it didn’t, so we had a great time.

When it started getting really dark, we left from the beach to another destination.

(Kindly wait for the pt.2 to know about the next destination, stay tuned!)

PS: Voyage diaries are a series of travel experience documented like a diary. Click here to check out the whole series here.


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