Looking through my window

It’s been several months since I’ve stepped out of my house due to the pandemic lockdown. From having a busy life concentrating mainly on work and living a monotonous life, I’ve missed a lot of things, mainly those tiny little things that engage in producing a significant amount of happiness in our daily lives. This pandemic lockdown certainly caused a lot of agitation in the beginning, but later slowing the fast-paced life has taught me a lot of things.

I’ve been looking outside through the window every day. Almost every evening, the finite sky that is visible to me through my window shows up like a canvas and paints in distinct shades of purple, blue and yellow. Although it only lasts for a very few minutes, those few minutes are certainly the best part of my day. To fill up the canvas comes the fluffy clouds, creating different shapes throughout the day.
I’ve been entertained by the dancing of the neem tree to the rhythm of the wind outside. Somedays a few birds come to rest on the ledge of my window. There are days when the rain comes to visit me silently as well as with a huge bang.
These are very common normal things, but the feelings and the moods the change of nature brings in is what I was missing while I was living a fast-paced life.
I’ve started to notice these tiny shows that nature puts up through my window. The way I perceive nature has definitely changed. I didn’t have to step out of my house to get close to nature, all I had to was just look through the window.

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