Monday Motivation: Have Faith In Yourself

Whenever I was assigned to do a presentation or an explanation of some chapter to the entire class, I used to freak out. The worst part is, I end up messing things up because I am at an extreme level of nervousness. I still remember, when I was doing my last year of middle school, as a part of our English finals, we had to talk about a random given topic in one minute (it’s called J.A.M. – Just A Minute). For me, it was like a nightmare because I knew I would mess things up. And guess what, I did.

When it was my turn, I stood and went in front of the entire class. My hands were shaking, I was sweating, and I wished something to happen that could stop me from doing it. But nothing really happened. To be honest, no one in the entire class, including me, understood what I said. I literally messed up what I said. I was so nervous that I was unable to think or do anything, the only thing I could do is to keep on talking to avoid embarrassment.

This happens to most of us in daily lives but in different forms.

It could be a presentation at a meeting or a performance on stage, we all get nervous. Although it was just a small speech for a minute (no big deal), I literally freaked out. One of the main reason why I messed up is due to a lack of faith in myself. I used to mess up things all the time because I didn’t believe in myself which lead to many problems for me later.

But everything changed when I started believing in myself and started to have faith in myself. When I was doing my last year of high school I was assigned to be a speaker for the debate in our class. Trust me, I didn’t freak out. On the day of our debate, I’m proud enough to say that I literally slayed it and became the best speaker from my team.

This taught me a lesson that, success can only be attained if you truly have faith in yourself.  It wasn’t easy for me to get over my weakness, but I worked hard to get over it and I still am working on it. There are still times where I wish the earth to split into half and suck me into the black hole when I have to do a presentation or anything that makes me nervous. In those times, I take a deep breath and remind myself that “I got this, and I can do it.”

7 Ways To Have Faith In Yourself (these are some ways how I overcame my weakness):

  1. Don’t Overthink (Your brain’s already messed up so don’t think too much).
  2. Breath (best way to relax your body and mind)
  3. Keep reminding yourself that YOU CAN DO IT.
  4. Get uncomfortable (get out of your comfort zone, it’s okay to embarrass yourself it makes you stronger and confident slowly).
  5. Trust yourself (MOST IMPORTANT).
  6. Make mistakes (You will learn lessons from each mistake you make that will help you to be successful).
  7. Think positively (ALWAYS!!!)

The hardest step we all must take is to blindly trust in who we are.


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