Hey there, I’m RAK (short for my full name). I’m a University Sophomore studying Bachelors in Architecture who’s an Ambivert, Wanderlust Photographer, Writer, Travel enthusiast, Dreamer, Clumsy Human, Reader, Neurotic, Netflix addict, Mini Chef, a Coffee Lover, and the list goes on (honestly, I just can’t settle having only one interest).  I live my life exploring distinct techniques of living.

I’m lucky enough to have such a great platform where I can document whatever I want and share it to the world. The main reason why I started this blog is that I wanted a small space for myself in the world of the Internet to express and share my works as well as my life. Secondly, I love to write. I’m a very big enthusiast for writing (and reading). Thirdly, to spread happiness. Who doesn’t want to be happy? Well according to me. If we make someone happy or if someone is happy because of us, I think that is one of the best happiness (trust me that will make you happier than that person). Spreading Happiness is one of my main motives in life.

 In this blog, “THE RAK’s SPHERE, I’ll be writing about all the things I love (which includes: travel, photography, struggling life of an architecture student, writings, reviews and a lot more stuffs) which probably would be something you’d like to read. So make sure to stick around. 

Love, RAK.

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