Voyage Diaries: Fort Kochi, Kerala, India (pt.2)

Make sure you read the Part 1 before reading this. As the ray of light slowly disappeared from the land of fort Kochi, we slowly moved on from the beach to the streets of Mattancherry (a place in Fort Kochi). Located in the western part of Kochi, was a major centre for trade in earlierContinue reading “Voyage Diaries: Fort Kochi, Kerala, India (pt.2)”

Voyage Diaries: Fort Kochi, Kerala, India (pt.1)

Late last year, around the month of November, I went on a vacation and visited some parts of the south of India that I haven’t been to before. To be honest, South India has one of the most beautiful landscapes, architecture, and scenery. After a few days of arrival in Kerala, the first place IContinue reading “Voyage Diaries: Fort Kochi, Kerala, India (pt.1)”


This is a rubber estate Kerala, India. It’s about 8 acres. It’s owned by my dad and is really breathtaking. It is filled with rubber plantations. It has hairpin road towards the top. Even in scorching hot weather, this place remains cool and chill. It’s always refreshing to take a walk through this place. I reallyContinue reading “AN ELYSIAN LAND”