COVID-19 and Mental health

The outbreak of the corona virus disease has shaken everyone. Everyone is scared due to everything that’s been going on in the news. Although Covid-19 pandemic and quarantine has us pretty stressed and bored. We’re constantly checking up the symptoms of covid-19, keeping a track of the covid-19 positive cases in our areas or keeping […]Continue reading “COVID-19 and Mental health”

Things You Should Never Tell People With Mental Health Problems

Mental Health Awareness Month As you guys know May is Mental Health Awareness Month and therefore I decided to write posts about mental health this … Things You Should Never Tell People With Mental Health Problems I came across this post by lifesfinewhine while I was reading a few blogs. I think it’s absolutely necessaryContinue reading “Things You Should Never Tell People With Mental Health Problems”

Helping the ones with mental illness

Hey guys, I was scrolling through my Instagram feed one day and I came across a post by a public figure talking about his struggle with anxiety and depression. Following the hashtags of that post, I found many other posts and stories of people who face mental health disorders in day-to-day life. There are theContinue reading “Helping the ones with mental illness”