Voyage Diaries: Qobustan, Azerbaijan

Location: Gobustan, Azerbaijan. Attractions:Gobustan Rock Art cultural Landscape,Gobustan Mud Volcano,Gobustan National Museum. Weather: 8°C, heavy breeze. Rating: 4/5 Gobustan Rock Art Cultural Landscape is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It consists world’s largest collections of ancient rock paintings which includes more than 6000 thousand petroglyphs (a collection of more than 40,000 years of rock art).Continue reading “Voyage Diaries: Qobustan, Azerbaijan”

Voyage Diaries: Baku, Azerbaijan

Location: Baku, Azerbaijan Visited Attractions: Flame Towers, Highland Park, Martyrs’ alley. Weather: 9°C, chilly day with a breeze Rating: 4.5/5 The Flame Towers. The trio of skyscrapers with the height of 182m taking shape of the flame (which symbolizes the fire element which is one of the historically important elements in the region). It’s aContinue reading “Voyage Diaries: Baku, Azerbaijan”

Voyage Diaries: Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan, the country spanning throughout Asia and Europe surrounded by the world’s largest inland of water, the Caspian Sea. The unique blend of the Asian and the European culture makes this country even more beautiful.Being an architecture student, at the end of every odd semester, we have a trip to different destinations in order toContinue reading “Voyage Diaries: Azerbaijan”

Voyage Diaries: Fort Kochi, Kerala, India (pt.2)

Make sure you read the Part 1 before reading this. As the ray of light slowly disappeared from the land of fort Kochi, we slowly moved on from the beach to the streets of Mattancherry (a place in Fort Kochi). Located in the western part of Kochi, was a major centre for trade in earlierContinue reading “Voyage Diaries: Fort Kochi, Kerala, India (pt.2)”

Voyage Diaries: Fort Kochi, Kerala, India (pt.1)

Late last year, around the month of November, I went on a vacation and visited some parts of the south of India that I haven’t been to before. To be honest, South India has one of the most beautiful landscapes, architecture, and scenery. After a few days of arrival in Kerala, the first place IContinue reading “Voyage Diaries: Fort Kochi, Kerala, India (pt.1)”

Places I visited in Sri Lanka

As a part of my architectural study tour, I went to Sri Lanka in the month of February, this year. It was a five-day long trip for the first year batch of architecture and interior design students. These are some of the places we visited in Sri Lanka. Number 11- Geoffry Bawa’s Home (Colombo) OnContinue reading “Places I visited in Sri Lanka”